Castor Health Institute

Elijah Vainowski, widely known as Eli, has made an impactful mark in the healthcare arena with over a decade of experience. With a dedicated teaching journey spanning two years and a rewarding tenure of six months with Castor, Eli’s commitment to healthcare education and patient care shines brightly. 

Beyond his role as an instructor, Eli has earned a commendable array of certifications that reflect his commitment to excellence in healthcare. His alphabet of accomplishments includes being a Certified Director of Nursing Administrations (CDONA), a Certified Assisted Living Nurse (CALN), a Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP), an Infection Preventionist – Board Certified (IP-BC), a QAPI Certified Professional (QCP), and a proud holder of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). His thirst for knowledge and professional growth is evident as he pursues his Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) to further elevate his expertise. 

Eli’s rich experience encompasses diverse roles across the healthcare spectrum, contributing to his well-rounded perspective. His passion for sharing knowledge and experience with aspiring healthcare professionals is evident in his teaching approach. He derives immense satisfaction from witnessing the transformative growth of students, from relative novices to highly skilled caregivers capable of tending to the needs of others. 

His dedication extends to the heart of his teaching philosophy. Eli’s drive is fueled by the profound impact he makes on both future patients and his students’ lives. He is driven by the privilege of caring for the vulnerable, making a lasting impression on the next generation of nurses and CNAs. Eli’s passion is a testament to his commitment to healthcare, education, and the profound influence he imparts on the healthcare landscape.