Castor Health Institute

Micki Dettman is an accomplished Chief Nursing Officer with a strong background in the hospital and healthcare industry. She possesses expertise in Acute Care, Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, Nursing, Inpatient Care, and Clinical Research. Her educational foundation includes a Master’s Science in Nursing with a focus on Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research, and Clinical Nursing, obtained from Northern Illinois University.

Micki L. Dettman is a dedicated and accomplished healthcare professional with a wealth of experience in clinical leadership, education, and healthcare innovation. As the Chief Clinical Officer for Castor Solutions and the Program Director for Castor Health Institute, she brings a dynamic blend of expertise and a passion for advancing healthcare excellence. 

Key Strengths:

Professional Journey

Micki's journey in healthcare leadership has been marked by a commitment to patient-centric care, innovative solutions, and continuous improvement. Her career spans over 30 years and has encompassed roles in various healthcare settings, enriching her with diverse perspectives on the industry. 

Clinical Leadership

In her role as Chief Clinical Officer at Castor Solutions, Micki assumes a pivotal position in shaping the organization's clinical strategy. She is the driving force behind the delivery of high-quality healthcare services that prioritize patient outcomes, safety, and satisfaction. Her leadership ensures that Castor Solutions remains at the forefront of healthcare innovation. 

Educational Visionary

Micki's impact extends beyond clinical leadership. As the Program Director for Castor Health Institute, she plays a crucial role in nurturing the next generation of healthcare professionals. Her educational vision focuses on empowering learners with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape. She leverages modern pedagogical techniques and technology to create immersive and effective learning experiences. 

Advocate for Patient-Centered Care

Micki's unwavering commitment to patient-centered care is evident in every aspect of her work. She believes that every individual should receive care that is compassionate, respectful, and tailored to their unique needs. Her advocacy for patient rights and dignity is a cornerstone of her approach to healthcare. 

Collaborative Leadership

Micki fosters a culture of collaboration and inclusivity in her teams. She recognizes that the best outcomes are achieved when healthcare professionals work together seamlessly. Her leadership style encourages open communication, mutual respect, and shared responsibility. 

Awards and Recognition

Micki's contributions to the healthcare field have been recognized with numerous awards and accolades. Her dedication to improving patient care and advancing the healthcare workforce has earned her the respect of colleagues and peers alike.